VW 5-Cyl "07K" Engine Swap for Porsche 944 / 968

This kit is designed to bolt the VW 07K engine onto the stock cross member and torque tube of any 944 or 968.  The cross member, power steering rack, and vacuum brake booster can be kept in their original locations.  The factory hood will clear the engine without any modifications.  No modifications to the car's sheet metal are necessary.  There is ample room on the passenger side of the engine for a turbo, wastegate, and down pipe.


Engine Mounts

Passenger side mounts directly to (4) factory holes in VW 07K engine block.  Driver side mounts to (4) factory holes in engine block using the billet aluminum oil adapter block as a standoff.  Mounts are fabricated from laser cut cold-rolled steel, and powder coated black.  Vibration isolators and high grade mounting hardware included.

PS Engine Mount Render.JPG
DS Engine Mount Render.JPG

Billet Oil Adapter Block


CNC-machined billet aluminum block replaces the factory plastic oil filter housing, and:

- Provides a solid base for mounting the driver side engine bracket

- Includes ports for oil and coolant feeds for a turbo

- Allows an oil filter sandwich plate to be mounted for an external oil cooler

- 10AN crank case breather port to attach to catch can or PCV system

- Accepts factory 07K oil pressure sender (not included)

- Includes an oil pressure relief valve and all fittings and gaskets shown

- Bolts to (4) factory holes in engine block; mounting hardware included


Billet Valve Cover and Breather Box


Designed specifically to fit under the low hood of a 944 or 968.  Breather box holds steel wool or other media to catch heavy oil vapors before going to an external catch can through the -10 ORB port.  All hardware and o-rings included.

Breather Box.png

Power Steering Pump Mount and Pulley


This mount and pulley allow a VW 1.8T power steering pump (part number 1J0422152G) to be mounted on the 07K.  The design was tailored to fit the 944 / 968 application, with extended brackets to fit around the steering rack.





Designed specifically for the 944 / 968 to attach directly to the Porsche torque tube, this bellhousing mates up to the factory 07K engine mounting holes and alignment dowels.  There is room inside the bellhousing for a 240 mm VW "02M" flywheel and pressure plate.  An 02M starter bolts to the reverse mount face.  Removable plugs are included for clutch disk inspection and slave cylinder hydraulic line installation or removal.  A GM hydraulic release bearing (part number 24249824) bolts directly inside of the bellhousing, or a simple adapter can be made to mount a VW release bearing, if desired.

Bellhousing Render 1.png
Bellhousing Render 2.png

Intake Manifold



Cast aluminum intake manifold designed for longitudinal 07K applications, and to fit under the hood and clear the vacuum brake booster on a 944 / 968.  The stock 07K throttle body or a '96-'98 VR6 throttle body will bolt on.  Designed to use the stock 07K gaskets at the throttle body flange and cylinder head.  The original 07K fuel rail and injectors will bolt right on.  Alternatively, 997 Turbo injectors can be used, but a different fuel rail will be needed in order to clock the twin spray pattern correctly.

Intake Render 12.png
Intake Render 13.png

Oil Pan



The stock 07K cast upper pan will be modified to clear the 944 cross member and steering rack.  A new lower pan will be fabricated to bolt onto the upper pan, and will have an enlarged sump and custom oil pickup.  Design is in process.



A flywheel and pressure plate made for the VW "02M" 6-speed transmission will bolt up to the 07K crankshaft.  This is a larger diameter flywheel (240 mm) than what the 07K originally came with.  The 02M starter location in our bellhousing will mesh with the 02M flywheel ring gear.  These parts are available from SPEC Clutches and Flywheels:

- 02M Aluminum flywheel with ring gear is part number SV81A

- 02M Steel flywheel with ring gear is part number SV81S

- 02M Pressure plates are available in various stages depending on torque capacity and  desired feel characteristics.


If a turbocharger is planned for your 07K swap, a clutch disk made for a high horsepower 944 Turbo (951) should be used.  SPEC sells 951 disks with an extended 1.07" hub and spline for this purpose.  The disk should be paired with the chosen pressure plate stage.

Complete SPEC Clutch packages for the 07K 944 / 968 swap can be ordered on the Boost Brothers Garage store.